Writing Instruction

Selections I Have Written:

  • Young Life Stories: I was a mischievous child... find out about the grand "fit" I threw in K-Mart and the very messy closet I tried to keep secret from my grandparents.
  • Excerpt from my novel, Kathleen's Story
  • Excerpt from my novel, Etola's Keeper

    Printable and Viewable Resources from Jasztalville:

  • 104 Color Words
  • Dream House Weeklong Writing Unit
  • Expository Writing Leads
  • Laptop Writing Template (made in Microsoft Word)
  • Million-Dollar Word Reference Sheet
  • Perfect Day Expository Writing Prompt Example
  • Three on the Scene Writing Exercise
  • Ultimate School Expository Writing Example

    Sample Prompts:

  • Narrative Samples
  • Expository Samples

    All-Inclusive Writing Resources, Not from Jasztalville:

  • Writing Skills That Add Magic to Your Writing! (Melissa Forney)
  • Young Writer's Survival Kit (Melissa Forney)
  • Melissa Forney's Other Handouts
  • Nancy Fetzer's Writing Packet
  • All Picture Mentor Book Mini-Lessons from WritingFix
  • Howtoons
  • Read.Write.Think
  • Inside Writing Communities, Grades 3-5
  • The Reading-Writing Poster Pack- Teaching That Makes Sense
  • The Writing Teacher's Strategy Guide- PHENOMENAL resource.

    Want a sensational book to prepare for writing assessments? Though this is intended for Florida Writes, the skills mini-lessons incorporated in this book are phenomenal. I use this book often because the lessons are presented in a concise manner. You can purchase it as an eBook here.

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